The Henrys Hot Sauce Story So Far

Bringing you the best selection of chilli and flavour products at reasonable prices.

We are a husband and wife team, dedicated to delivering high-quality products. With six awards to our name, we aim to continue to grow our brand and deliver exceptionally made products across the UK. We understand the importance of supporting local communities. This is why we only use local growers and suppliers where possible.

The Best Selection Of Chilli And Flavour Products

So why the name “Henry’s?” Well, that is a complete dedication to our son. We started this business when he was born and the name just seemed right. Now, the name “Henry’s” is well known in our home town, and we have received a vast amount of praise for our recipes on facebook. We take careful consideration in our recipes and are consistently developing new recipes to meet demand.

Little Henry

Our goal is to bring you the best selection of artisanal, seasonal, chilli and flavour products at reasonable prices.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to our amazing suppliers and stockists.